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Swisstainable Enganged

Swisstainable Engaged

We are in the age of sustainability and no destination stands for this prudent, resource and environmentally friendly spirit of the times like Switzerland. We have always been careful to strike a harmonious balance between the needs of guests, the local population and the environment.

With the Swisstainable sustainability programme, Switzerland Tourism creates awareness for a long-term sustainability strategy. To provide orientation for guests, service providers who are committed to sustainability are awarded a signet.

The programme is divided into three levels, whereby the basis of all three levels is the commitment to sustainability. Since 2024 the Placid Hotel Zurich fulfils the criteria for Level II which is now valid for 4 years. As soon as further certifications and sustainability proofs are available and the set measures have been implemented, promotion to the next level is possible.

The Placid Hotel Zurich is committed to sustainable development in the dimensions of society, economy and environment and would like to play a pioneering role in the hotel industry.

Further information on the sustainability programme can be found here


Swisstainable Enganged

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