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PLEASE DISTURB - Hotel open door day

29 March 2020

Lend a hand and make an impression

Please Disturb is more than just an ordinary open day – it is the biggest information event dealing with education and training in the world of hospitality and catering. Schoolchildren about to choose a career, parents, teachers and careers advisors, as well as all interested parties have the opportunity to visit hotels of their choice and gain an impression of this exciting job sector.

As a visitor you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with trainees, professional instructors, professionals and hotel managers in individual establishments. You can accumulate a wide range of impressions and try out interactive job competitions, different practical skills such as how to lay a table professionally, preparing cocktails or the different tricks and dodges that trainees have to master on a day-to-day basis.

Hotel tours with insight into our offered apprenticeships
Interested persons complete a post-race in the different areas with exciting tasks

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PLEASE DISTURB - Hotel open door day

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